løkka-lykke 2022



24.06. - 26.06.



Grünerløkka, Oslo



Løkka-lykke: Taneli Stenberg & Anetta Lukjanova 

Artists Anetta Lukjanova and Taneli Stenberg will create a large mural for Løkka-lykke street art festival in Oslo.

Anetta Lukjanova (b. 1993) and Taneli Stenberg (b. 1978) are visual artists from Helsinki, Finland. Their large-scale, site-specific murals can be described as contemporary magical realism, often depicting philosophical or allegorical subject matter. With a background in oil painting, they aim to represent topical matters in the public space in paintings that also evoke a sense of timelessness through their use of classical aesthetics and colours.

Løkka-lykke gatekunsfest is Oslo’s first annual street art festival and it takes place during the last weekend of June. Artists from across the spectrum of street art are invited to produce site-specific artworks ranging from murals to small-scale interventions, with dissemination activities for the public such as workshops and guided tours. Løkka-lykke street art festival is an initiative from Løkka Gårdeierforening and Street Art Oslo, which springs from an idea to celebrate Grünerløkka’s unique identity.

Løkka-lykke is free for the public, and the art produced is accessible to all. Read more about the program on the Facebook event.

The participation of Anetta Lukjanova and Taneli Stenberg is supported by the Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute.

Image: Mural “Väärät vermeet” painted by Taneli Stenberg & Anetta Lukjanova as part of  UPEART -festival, 2019.