Publisert 4.11.2022

Helsinki Design Weekly visited Oslo Architecture Triennale

Helsinki Design Weekly continues to spotlight Norwegian discussions on urban development, and explores the 8th edition of Oslo Architecture Triennale.

Organized for the eighth time, the Triennale has grown into the largest architectural event in the Nordic countries.

A central theme of this year’s Triennale is Mission Neighbourhood, which adopts various perspectives to explore the particularly Nordic urban environment. In his text Love Thy Neighbour, architect and Arts Advisor (Arts Promotion Centre Finland) Mika Savela looks into the content of the festival and brings forth discussions on Nordic exploration, neighbourhood perspectives and a focus on the margins.

Love Thy Neighbour is part of an article series continuing the Design and Architecture discussions that begin at international festivals. The series is initiated and produced in co-operation between Helsinki Design Weekly and the Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute.

Read the article on Helsinki Design Weekly.

Photo: Are Carlsen