Helsinki Design Weekly

Oslo Architecture Triennale

The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute has joined forces with Helsinki Design Weekly to shine light on discussions on architecture and urban development taking place at Oslo Architecture Triennale.

Oslo Architecture Triennale is an international architecture festival and arena for development and dissemination of architecture and urban development. With the working title Mission Neighbourhood – (Re)forming communities, the Triennale 2022 explores how we form the places we share.

Below you can find articles, that provide insight on the festival’s theme and discussions. These articles are intended to invite Finnish and international audiences to join the dialogue. 

Marking a shift from iconic ‘starchitecture’ to the nitty gritty of planning processes, the Oslo Architecture Triennale focuses on Nordic neighbourhoods

Love Thy Neighbour

Helsinki Design Weekly is a publication of Helsinki Design Week — the largest design festival in the Nordic countries. It presents new people and phenomena within design in cooperation with various partners.

The articles are part of Weekly’s new series continuing the Design and Architecture discussions that begins at international festivals. The series is initiated in co-operation with the Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute.

Photo: Nordic Neighbourhood Camp. Photo: Kristoffer Pahle / Oslo Architecture Triennale