DARK 2023
02.11 - 04.11

Bright winter day, aerial view of the Nothing Hill campus´ white buildings, sea and gently sloping hills in the background.

NODA – Nordnorsk Design og Arkitektursenter is organizing the world’s northernmost design and architecture festival DARK 2023. The event takes place in Tromsø between 2.-4.11.2023. This year, the overarching theme for the DARK 2023 is process. During the festival, experts from various fields gather together to discuss how a process can be defined, and how it is possible to include sustainability, creativity and innovation within Nordic architecture and design. 

The Dark Conference on 3.11. presents the story of Nothing Hill, a process of transforming an old hospital into a northern innovation hub to attract young talent.

Ronny Eriksson (FI), a partner at the Helsinki based Norders creative agency (NORDERS), will showcase the importance of identity construction, New Nordic Network and collaboration with architects and ecosystem developers during the process. The buildings located in Kirkenes are being reused to house new functions. The focus of the project is to create gravity and increase talent density in the Arctic region. 

Date: Friday 3.11.
Time: 15:25
Location: Havneterminalen,Tromsø. The building and the conference hall are wheelchair accessible.

Tickets for the event are mandatory. Find the full programme and get your ticket via NODA’s website.

NODA – Nordnorsk Design og Arkitektursenter (Northern Norway’s Design and Architecture Center) is a membership organization that works to promote and convey the importance of design and architecture. 

The event is organized by NODA – Nordnorsk Design- og Arkitektursenter in collaboration with, Innovasjon Norge, Design og Arkitektur Norge (DOGA), Nord-Norges Arkitektforening (NAF), FOBY – Forum for arktisk byutvikling, Tromsø Kommune and Finsk-Norsk kulturinstitutt (FINNO). 

Image: Nothing Hill, Kirkenes, Finnmark. Photograph: Halvorsen og Reine Arkitekter.