Floating seminar: Inclusive Arctic Urban Spaces

NODA floating seminar

Marko Huttunen, Architect and Master Restorer will attend the floating seminar and hold a presentation on “Zero Arctic – Concepts for carbon-neutral Arctic construction based on tradition”.

Organized by NODA – Nordnorsk Design og Arkitektursenter, the seminar aims to give a knowledge boost on how we can plan for more inclusive arctic urban spaces. It takes place on board the electric ferry Brim, and will journey from Tromsø to Hansnes and back again. The seminar expands on NODA’s project “Inclusive Arctic Urban Spaces”, which seeks to find new methods of involving locals and professionals in creating new forms of installations that adapt to the context of living in an arctic climate.

Zero Arctic– Concepts for carbon-neutral Arctic construction based on tradition presented by Marko Huttunen (Architect, Master Restorer, Livady Architects (FI)

What are the lessons to be learned from the traditional building methods of indigenous peoples in future sustainable construction?

Coordinated by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment, the Arctic Council’s Zero Arctic project sought alternative views to current planning and designing practices that chiefly focus on energy-efficiency. Besides life cycle assessments, the project utilized cultural historical material and traditional knowledge related to building methods practiced by indigenous peoples in Finland, Canada and Japan, in addition to engaging in collaboration with the indigenous communities.

Registration for the event is mandatory. Find the full program and sign up via
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NODA – Nordnorsk Design og Arkitektursenter (Northern Norway’s Design and Architecture Center) is a membership organization that works to promote and convey the importance of design and architecture.

The event is organized by NODA – Nordnorsk Design- og Arkitektursenter in collaboration with Troms og Finnmark Fylkeskommune, The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute and Innovation Norway.

Image: Brim explorer ©NODA – Nordnorsk Design- og Arkitektursenter