Publisert 8.02.2022

ÄÄNI SAUNA #3: Tuomas Toivonen + Mikael Szafirowski

Ääni sauna

Design: Blank Blank

For the third edition of Ääni Sauna, Tuomas Toivonen and Mikael Szafirowski have been invited to perform a combined three hour live set, separately and as a duo for the first time. Tuomas Toivonen is an architect, musician and keeper of Kulttuurisauna, a public sauna in Helsinki. Mikael Szafirowski is a Finnish guitar player markedly working on expanding the vocabulary of amplified string instruments. The experimental sounds they create are improvised and imagined for the space around Oslo Badstuforening at Sukkerbiten.

The ‘concert’ will not have a specific stage and audience setting, rather a mobile and wireless installation setting the soundtrack for the whole area, the dock and for the people in motion passing by. The center of sound and attention will take place inside ‘the dome’ Oslo Fjord Hage, right next to the entrance of the saunas at Sukkerbiten.

Ääni Sauna is a concert series conceived by Blank Blank and Oslo Badstuforening. The series explore alternative, marginal and not-so-marginal sounds from Finland, creating sensorial experiences with the heat of sauna.

When: Saturday 12th February at 15.00-18.00

Where: Oslo Badstuforening, Sukkerbiten. Free entrance. There will be bonfires and tea for free.

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Ääni Sauna is supported by the Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute.