Riddu Riđđu Festivála
12.07 - 16.07

Riddu Riđđu Festivála is an international Indigenous festival that takes place annually in Manndalen, Kåfjord municipality in Nord-Troms. For 32 years, Riddu Riđđu has worked to create a stronger awareness and pride around the Sámi. Gradually, the festival has grown larger and become a significant and important part of cultural revitalization in Sea Sámi areas. The festival mostly takes place outdoors and has a program for the whole family that includes a children’s festival, youth camp, art exhibition, literature, performing arts, music, film programme, seminar, and workshops.

The festival program includes for example:

Concert: Hildá & Tuomas 14.07.
Soundscapes based on improvisation and the space between echoes and rhythms form a meeting place for Hildá’s ethereal vocals and Tuomas’ samples. Tuomas Norvio works as a sound designer, composer, musician and producer, with a background in electronica. Hildá Länsman has distinguished herself as a composer, lyricist, an award-winning musician, and a champion of the joik tradition. The duo has been creating music together since 2017, and will play for the first time at Riddu Riđđu this summer.

Riddu Nuorat 12.-16.7.
Riddu Riđđu’s youth program runs from Wednesday 12 July to Sunday 16 July, at the same time as the Riddu Riđđu festival. There will be, amongst others, courses in beading and hoop dance and a lot of other happenings.

Check the full program on Riddu Riđđu´s webpage

The festival is supported by The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute (FINNO). 

Images: 1. David Thibel 2. Tero Ahonen & Ørjan Marakatt Bertelsen