The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute was established in 1997. The institute aims to strengthen the contacts between Finland and Norway in the fields of culture and social life and to increase knowledge of Finland in Norway and vice versa.

The organisations behind the cultural institute are The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Foundation and The Norwegian-Finnish Cultural Foundation. The Boards of these foundations appoint the Board of the Institute, which has members from both Norway and Finland. The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for the basic financing of the institute.

The Cultural Institute is a centre for information and contact, and responds to enquiries and other matters from the general public. The Cultural Institute carries out extensive external activities in co-operation with Norwegian institutions, with a varied programme consisting of exhibitions, concerts, seminars and lectures.

The Cultural Institute is located at a central address in Oslo, but the Institutes activities pursues to cover the whole of Norway.

The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute works in close co-operation with other institutions promoting contact between Finland and Norway.

Finland has a network of 17 cultural and academic institutes worldwide.

The annual report for the Finnish Norwegian Cultural Institute 2018 (in Norwegian)
The annual report for the Finnish Norwegian Cultural Institute 2017 (in Swedish) 


The Board of the Cultural Institute 2019:

Karl Einar Ellingsen, Chairman
Espen Stedje, Secretary general of Foreningen Norden Norge
Anna-Maija Isachsen, Sales Director, Hurtigruten
Jan Sundberg, Professor emeritus
Niko Valkeapää, Musician