Publisert 3.11.2020

Kunsthall Trondheim’s Podcast: Jenna Sutela

October 17, 2020, Oslo Kunstforening opened the exhibition NO NO NSE NSE – Jenna Sutela’s first international major solo show.

The exhibition was produced by Kunsthall Trondheim, where it was on view between March 4 and August 29, 2020. The exhibition at Oslo Kunstforening is supported by FINNO – The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute.

“Through Sutela’s latest series of works, including newly commissioned photograms developed specifically for this occasion, the exhibition explores artificial intelligence and in particular the relation between randomness and control in organic and inorganic systems.

Science fiction is a recurring theme in Sutela’s work. So is the quest to go beyond the limits of human-created language, both by delving into artificial intelligence and machine learning, and by turning towards technologies as shamanistic devices or possible mediums to channel alien semantics.

In Sutela’s work, technologies transcend physical and immaterial boundaries. The exhibition NO NO NSE NSE invites viewers to approach machines not as models or expansions of the human mind, but on their very own terms.”

– Stefanie Hessler, director Kunsthall Trondheim

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Photo: Jenna Sutela: “I Magma” (2019), detail. Blown glass, goo, electronics. Dimensions variable. Co-commissioned by Serpentine Galleries and Moderna Museet, 2019. Photo: Aage A. Mikalsen / Kunsthall Trondheim