100 Objects from Finland illustrates 100-year-old Finland by presenting one object per each year of independence. The exhibition tells about Finland and being Finnish through everyday, innovative and humorous examples.

The Aalto vase 1936, Mobira Cityman 1987, maternity box  2017…Which object do you think represents being Finnish?

100 Objects from Finland strives to describe the road that Finns have taken to reach this day. All objects have been Made in Finland and Designed in Finland, but most of all, they represent Life in Finland. Their stories address the climate, light, children, work, overcoming of obstacles, insight and joy.

The exhibition is curated by Anna Kortelainen and Pekka Toivanen. It is produced by the Finnish Institute in Estonia.

These 100 objects were on tour from Helsinki to Tallinn, Oslo, Madrid and Riga in 2017-2018 through the network of Finnish cultural and science institutes.

The exhibition was shown in Oslo in september 2017 and was organized by The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute and The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology.

Online version of the exhibition tells the story of being finnish in 13 languages.  
Visit the online exhibition here: https://www.100objects.fi/english .

Teaching material (in norwegian).